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Thread: Bending Branches Angler-Optimus

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    Default Bending Branches Angler-Optimus

    When Bending Branches asked me along with a few fellow prostaffers to help develop a new product, I was stoked. Since April I have been torture testing “Optimus”. A paddle with this level of multi-functionality is long overdue in the kayak fishing arena. The need for a multipurpose paddle is finally met.

    Say hi to Angler Optimus, the newest creation from Bending Branches. Just like the transformer Optimus Prime, BB’s Optimus can transform your one dimensional BB angler paddle to a stand-up paddle, canoe paddle, push pole, or stake out pole.

    Learn more about the Angler Optimus here:

    If any one would like to meet Optimus, I can arrange that.

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    Great idea and the price seems reasonable.
    Never trust a dead shark.

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